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Before you adopt...

Adoption Process

Step One

Complete and submit your application

Step Two

Please allow for 72 hours for your application to be reviewed.  If you have not heard from us in 72 hours, please feel free to contact us.

Step Three

Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive an approval letter at the email address you provided on your application and you will be invited to attend our next adoption event.  If you have an extenuating circumstance and are unable to attend adoption events, please contact us and we will make every attempt to accommodate your schedule. 

Step Four

Once you have found a dog that you wish to adopt, complete an adoption contract and pay the fee. Go home and enjoy your new FUR ever friend!!

Most of the dogs transferred into our rescue are shelter dogs from various backgrounds that were placed on a euthanasia list.  Our goal is to save these dogs before they are euthanized.  Often, the dog's background is a mystery, as well as their personality traits, quirks, behaviors, etc.  Rescue dogs, especially older ones, can be unpredictable and may even pass a temperament test with flying colors, but the dog may still have difficulties adjusting to a new home and situation. The dog might have problems with meeting new dogs or people and integrating into a new pack. 

This can sometimes present as aggression.  

This does not mean that the dog is aggressive. 

Fear, pain, toys, or food can all cause a dog to present aggressive behaviors that are correctable.  

However, it pays to be safe. Never leave your children or other animals alone with a new dog, even if you think it’s the sweetest dog in the world. Take your time getting to know your dog and introducing your dog to new people and new dogs. It is better to take your time and go slowly with full integration into your home until the dog is at ease and comfortable in it's new surroundings. Not every rescue dog is abused or mistreated, but they’ve still been through trauma and can be unpredictable.

Adoption Fees 

Puppies ( under 1year) $450.00  + $12.99 Microchip fee

Adults  (Over1year) $350.00 + $12.99 Microchip fee

 Seniors( 6 year and over) $250.00  + $12.99 Microchip fee

Specialty Dogs (Purebred) $TBD PER BREED  + $12.99 Microchip fee

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